A performance-based fundraising campaign for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland, Oregon, Inc.


Living with Skeleton / Living with MS

Day 01    Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Endure campaign began today, Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 5:00pm. I left the skeleton in the trunk all week so that it’d be ready. At 5pm today, I just went out to the trunk got the skeleton out. I attached the skeleton with a rope to my right wrist. Then I set about constructing the skeleton stand which felt grateful to have.

However, there was already a problem. I received the skeleton stand in the mail yesterday. The idea was to wheel the skeleton around with me on the stand. When I opened the box this morning, there was only half a stand in there! I ran into my roommate in the kitchen and told her the news and she said “oh wait there’s a box outside, maybe it’s the other part of the stand.” I stood there surprised thinking how weird, why would they mail it in multiple boxes? She got it for me and I took the box and ran out the door because I was late.

I threw it in my trunk, planning on putting it together later. Later turned out to be 4:50pm. I pulled out the bottom portion and set it down on the ground and went to get the box with the other half. I pulled the box out and again thought weird, its light and there’s supposed to be a big metal pole in it. I checked the name on the box and it was addressed to my roommate from Keen shoes! It wasn’t the other half of the stand! It was a pair of shoes! *$^@%! Lol! Tomorrow, I will call the company to explain the situation. It appears that I will be carrying the skeleton from now on. I am a bit concerned as the skeleton is 5’5” and weighs 30 lbs.I picked up the skeleton and carried it inside to go finish some homework and talk to my friend, Ruth (in the red).

She took the skeleton to a table for me so that I could eat some dinner. I’m already feeling exhausted and it's only been two hours. Everything takes twice as long. I went to go borrow a photo card reader from the cage at school and it was broken. I had to pick up the skeleton and walk back there to get a new one and then come back. There’s also a lot of metal pieces sticking out of the skeleton which I’ve already started to cut my hands on. I’ll need to find some gloves to wear while carrying it. I finally got settled into do my work and I was adjusting the skeleton to ease up a little on the pull on my right wrist and one of the legs on the skeleton fell off. I called Jerry, who helped put reinforce the skeleton, for help. I’ll be meeting him at 6am tomorrow for a leg reattachment procedure. It appears that a drill will be needed…

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