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Living with Skeleton / Living with MS

Day 05    Monday, December 14, 2009

Right about now I’m subsisting on chocolate. Had I only known earlier how effective this method is…I woke up this morning to get started on some more homework as its still finals week. The next-door neighbor came over to inquire about a funny smear of orange looking vomit that wound up on her windshield. 20091213 Blog Photos 001 I looked at it from the door and said “oh, that’s funny, that’s the same stuff in our driveway that I stepped in last night and smeared all over the clutch in my car, slippery and gross. I have no idea what it is. Honestly, I thought my roommate just puked.” While the neighbor went to go check our driveway, my roommate told me, “I thought it was your puke.” Nope, it’s not my puke and now, its time for breakfast. I wheeled the skeleton around hurrying to get ready to go to the doctor.

I made my breakfast to go, took a vitamin and made some tea and scrambled out of the house. I’m at the point of having no real delicacy in carrying the skeleton. This means I run it into walls and corners often. I drop it on the floor. I’m sick of thinking about it. Jerry did a great job fixing up the skeleton as it’s only lost 2 small bones from its foot. I go to the doctor for a check up. 20091213 Blog Photos 002 I must admit the skeleton sits well in a chair. I try to just breathe and relax. My phone starts vibrating. I ignore it and try to remain focused on breathing. The appointment ends and I listen to the message. It’s Lauren from Bill Bradbury’s campaign office. She says that I can interview Bill about MS. I am so grateful. I read about Bill’s story in Amelia Davis’s book, My Story: A Photographic Essay on Life with Multiple Sclerosis. After reading his story, I was really impressed by how he remains focused and committed to public service post-diagnosis. I set up a time to interview him in the late afternoon. After I scheduled the interview, I head to school for my photography studio lighting final critique. I showed up late. I’m still getting used to how long it takes to get ready and out of the house tied to the skeleton. 20091214 Blog Photos 004 I got there and my classmates helped me get situated. I am so grateful. Then when it was my turn to present, a couple of them helped display my print on the wall. 20091214 Blog Photos 003 Thanks John and Leah! They also helped take it down.

During lunch, I attended a student leadership meeting. 20091214 Blog Photos 005 It involves everyone on the student government and the ever so helpful student services workers who help guide and support us. We sat and talked about the semester and what we anticipate on doing next term. It’s exciting to hear about what’s going to come next. My friend, Elizabeth (and Dr. Jerry’s daughter) helped me get my lunch and then clean up afterwards. Thanks Elizabeth!

After lunch, it was back to the photography final critique. Post-lunch, I’m usually sleepy but this time I was just exhausted. I kept trying to get comfortable in a chair next to the skeleton, but really the skeleton has a cozier chair. So, I just pushed it over and tried to get comfy without falling asleep. 20091214 Blog Photos 006

After class, I rushed over to Bill Bradbury’s campaign office for the interview. Bill bust out laughing when he saw me that I felt so grateful for. He has a great sense of humor. We talked for a bit and then sat down on the couch for the interview. I really appreciated Bill’s willingness to accommodate me for the video. We sat and chatted about MS and my skeleton, it was a good conversation. The video will be posted later on. Once the interview ended, I chatted with his staff while I packed up. They were all so welcoming! It was raining when I left the building and I couldn’t muster the energy to figure out a way to not get rained on and so I just accepted getting rained on. I was hungry and so I drove to get food. I started chatting with someone in line about the skeleton and MS before rushing to my car to eat before heading into the library at PNCA to work. 20091214 Blog Photos 007 I’ll be working here till midnight. I can hear the rain beating down on the roof as I type.

Two more days. Whew. Read Day 6.