A performance-based fundraising campaign for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland, Oregon, Inc.


Living with Skeleton / Living with MS

Day 07    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finals suck and I went pre-migraine today. The alarm didn’t go off. I woke up at 8:09am and class started at 8am. I just did the best I could; skipped breakfast and skipped the make-up. I threw on a hat and left. The skeleton’s hip is still dislocated from the tailbone so both legs are hanging from the right pubic bone. This means its hard to carry. I’m not used to carrying the weight distributed like this. I called Dr. Jerry on the way to school. He could fit me in at 11:30am. I made it to school and parked. I didn’t even bother paying for the ticket. I just hopped out and hustled it to class. 20091215 Blog Photos 001 I showed up 45 minutes late. I felt awful.

20091216 Blog Photos 002 After that I went to Jerry’s to get the skeleton’s arm and hip bone put back on. He did something brilliant and replaced the wire with leather. 20091216 Blog Photos 003 The skeleton held up well with the copper coated steel but its more flexible with the leather. I like how the skeleton has all these different ways of holding it together. The biggest problem are the feet. The feet are warped. It was hard to tell how they go back together. “Amputate the foot?” Jerry asked. “I’d really like to keep it. Even if its not correct. I’d like it to stay as intact as possible.” Jerry nodded. “Okay, then duct tape.” He got some duct tape from his son, Sam. Thanks Sam! Then the feet were duct-taped together. At this point, I don’t care. I just want the skeleton to stay together. It doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t even matter for how long. It’s just going to disintegrate again. Once the feet were taped up, I took the skeleton and left. Thanks Jerry!

I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee at my school but I cancelled. I felt too tired and ill. I knew that if I didn’t go and sleep, then I would probably wind up in migraine country. I drove home and napped for a few hours and then made dinner. I got ready to go to a doctor’s appointment. I showed up there relatively on time. 20091216 Blog Photos 004 I’m just glad I made it. Then I headed over school to set up the 9-hour meditation that will take place in the Flux gallery at PNCA tomorrow. 20091216 Blog Photos 006 A man on the street looked at me and said, “Would you feed your boyfriend?” I laughed and then told him about the campaign. Then he told me that his cousin helped push through the American Disabilities Act. His cousin was even in the oval office when the Act was signed.

I made it to school and went to meet my friends, Laura and Nico who came to help set the gallery space up. Thank you Laura and Nico! 20091216 Blog Photos 005

I went to go finish up some homework and another friend came to keep me company and to help out with some last minute errands. 20091216 Blog Photos 007 I had to go get some snacks for tomorrow at the grocery store. 20091216 Blog Photos 008 We got some snacks and some food and left to go get some brochures for Gary, the volunteer from MSSP, who will be at the gallery tomorrow to talk with people about MS and to collect donations.

I’m back at school now working on finals and looking really forward to just sitting for 9 hours tomorrow.

The following is information regarding the 9-hour meditation that will take place tomorrow, Thursday, December 17, 2009 from 8am–5pm.

Statement about Sitting Meditation for Endurems:

  1. The meditation will take place: Thursday December 17, from 8am–5pm.
  2. Throughout the meditation I will change the position of myself as well as the skeleton to embody an “Extended Grief Cycle” that is based on “Grief Cycle” of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.
  1. I will be unavailable to interact with the public during this time.
  2. The only time I will leave the space it to use the restroom. Please respect my silence during these times.
  3. Please come into the gallery to look at the pictures and the website.
  4. Please talk to Gary, a volunteer from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland, OR Inc. about Multiple Sclerosis. He will be available from 12pm–5pm.
  5. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.
  6. All donations will be given to the MSSP in the name of my sister, Elizabeth, who has MS.
  7. At 5pm, I will untie myself from the skeleton and leave it in the space.
  8. The exhibit will be up until January 11, 2009.